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Melbourne/Zoom Level 2 Shoulder Course

Course:Level 2

9am - 5pm (AEDT: GMT+11)

11th & 12th Nov 2023


Melbourne Shoulder Group

305 High St, Prahran, Victoria

Cost:AUD $770.00


This is a Hybrid; face to face as well as real time Zoom course for participants that cannot atten in person. 

Lyn Watson’s Level 2 Shoulder Course integrates all the elements of Shoulder Girdle Physiotherapy with an up to date review & critique of the literature.

  • Typical patient presentations
  • Subjective and physical assessment of the shoulder
  • Differentiation of conditions
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Development of a treatment strategy
  • Treatment: pre-op rehabilitation, intervention, surgery and post-op rehabilitation
  • A systematic approach to the progression of movement control & strengthening rehabilitation

In the Level 2 course you will observe Lyn at work.  She will assess, develop a primary diagnosis and a treatment strategy for 4 new patients with a variety of conditions.  After the assessment of the patient there will be an open discussion about her assessment techniques, clinical reasoning, differential diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and progression of rehabilitation.


Specific Pathologies & Topics Covered in the Level 2 Course:

1. Rotator Cuff Pathology

  • Dengenerative Pathology and Rehabilitation
  • Tears including a discussion on Subscap RCTears,

2. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, further to her Manual Therapy Masterclass Articles

3. Hypermobile Patients & Complex Impingement Syndromes

4. SLAP lesions

5. Posterior Instability

6. Scapula mechanics, assessment and rehabilitation strategies.


This is a high level shoulder orthopaedic courses that will equip you with the clinical reasoning skills to develop an assessment and treatment  strategy for  any shoulder patient that presents to your clinic.


 Pre-requiresite: completion of Lyn’s Level 1 Shoulder Course


Includes; Level 2 Course Manual (100+ pages)
           Morning Tea & Lunch on both days


Contact: Simon Balster: courses@LWShoulderPhysio.com.au

Shoulder Course Booking Policy

  1.  We reserve the right to cancel a course without notice.
  2.  If a course is cancelled you will be refunded only the registration cost in full.
  3.  If you are unable to attend please cancel your registration. You may be subject to a cancellation fee, or forfeit your course fee entirely.
  4.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure you have a current & valid National Physiotherapy Registration
  5.  All course participants should hold current Professional Physiotherapy Liability
    Insurance. (for the practical component of this course)