General Assessment of the Shoulder (CD-ROM)

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General Assessment of the Shoulder is a comprehensive resource for all Musculoskeletal Clinicians. It details a thorough, structured assessment of the Shoulder and the Shoulder Girdle as taught in Lyn Watson’s Shoulder Physiotherapy Courses.


General Assessment of the Shoulder includes:

- A discussion of subjective examination of the Shoulder

- A structured objective examination of the Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle

- A description of each assessment technique

- Images and/or videos of each technique being performed

- A separate 110 page pdf detailing Assessment of the Shoulder & Shoulder Girdle


- The assessment techniques description includes:

- Clinical interpretations of the test

- Common clinical variations of the test

- Clinical problem solving strategies

- Relevant research

- Brief discussions of relevant treatment directions


In Detail

Subjective Examination of the Shoulder covers topics on:

- Kind of Problem
- History
- Site & Nature of Symptoms
- Behaviour of Symptoms
- Associated Symptoms
- Special Questions

Objective Examination of the Shoulder covers:

- Observation & Palpation
- Active & Passive Motion
- Scapula Assessment
- Rotator Cuff Tests
- Muscle Strength & Length Tests
- Passive Translational Test
- Instability Tests
- Dynamic Scapula Stability Tests
- Scapula Correction Techniques
- Dynamic Humeral Head Translational Tests
- Humeral Head Correction Technqiues
- ACJ Tests

General Assessment of the Shoulder comes with a separate 110 page pdf covering all these topics in more detail.


Minimum System Requirements

Windows: Windows XP, Pentium 4 2.33GHz, 128MB RAM, Flash 

Mac: Mac OS 10.4, Intel Core2 Duo 1.33GHz, 256MB RAM