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Exercise & Rehabilitation of the Shoulder (Website)

AUD $49.50


We're in the process of updating our exercise videos. Until this process is complete there's a 50% discount on this purchase making the price $49.50.

A Brief Description 

This a comprehensive resource for University trained Musculoskeletal Therapists which details and discusses every exercise used in the clinic by Lyn Watson.  It is a library of exercise information, images and videos which is supported by her Principles of Shoulder Rehabilitation document.  Lyn has developed these principles over the past 25 years of:

  • Clinical Shoulder Physiotherapy, 
  • Musculoskeletal Research, and 
  • Shoulder Physiotherapy Education.

Lyns' Principles of Shoulder Rehabilitation forms the theoretical and clinical decision-making framework for the rehabilitation section of her Internationally renowned Shoulder Physiotherapy Courses.

Exercise & Rehabilitation of the Shoulder includes:

  • The equivalent of 60 pages of background, clinical rationale and research associated with the selection of the exercises in each section.
  • 150+ Videos & Images of Exercises currently used every day in Lyn Watson's Clinical practice
  • A "Print Exercise" library of every Exercise image that allows the Therapist to create tailored exercise sheets for their patient to take home.

Lyn Watson’s Principles of Rehabilitation:

Lyn discusses her principles of shoulder rehabilitation in detail (17 pages):

  • Types of Exercise
  • Dosages
  • Scapula & Humeral Head Contribution
  • Scapula & Humeral Head Corrections
  • Pathological Limitations of Exercise (Compression, Instability, Stiffness, Tension on the R.Cuff, Irritability, Cervical Dysfunction, Surgical Limitations)
  • How to Control the Shoulder & Shoulder Girdle from a Scapula and Humeral Head perspective
  • Facilitation techniques & Progression of Exercises through range of movement

The background principles of each Exercise Section are discussed in detail in the General Comments (equivalent to 43 pages)

Exercises are grouped into the Sections:

  • Stretching & ROM
  • Stabilising the Scapula
  • Deltoid & Rotator Cuff Strengthening
  • Advanced Rehabilitation
  • Sporting/Work Specific Strengthening

Every Exercise includes:

  • Scroll through Text
    • Basic general information about the exercise
    • Instructions for the Therapist when teaching the exercise
    • The correct outcome and/or sensation expected during and after performance of the exercise 
    • A discussion on progressions and variations of the exercise for different patients
    • A discussion of clinically relevant pathologies and their impact on the exercise
  • Images of the Exercise and its common variations being performed
  • Video of the Exercise and its common variations being performed

Print Exercise Function & Patient Exercise Sheet Handouts:

  • The Print Exercise Tab takes you to an image library of all, 150+, standard exercises.
  • Select Exercises that you would like your Patient to perform at home using a check box
  • Print and annotate with Sets/Reps/ROM/Speed/Wt/Theraband Color, etc so your patient has their own tailored Exercise Programme to take home


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows or Mac Operating Systems with Internet Access only

Note: If using iPhone or iPad then all the functions (Menu, Exercise Screen text & images, Print Exercise, Principle of Rehab') will be available apart from the viewing the Exercise Videos (Flash). To Print Exercise sheets you will have to have an iPhone or iPad linked printer


What you are Purchasing for $95AUD:

You are purchasing 12 months access to our secure website which contains Lyn Watson's Exercise & Rehabilitation of the Shoulder programme.  Access to the website requires:

  • the use of your secure User Name and your Password, and
  • Internet Access


Ongoing Subscription Discount:

Renewal of your subscription to Exercise & Rehabilitation of the Shoulder at the completion of your 12 month subscription will be discounted to $55 AUD.