About Us

Lyn Watson

Lyn Watson is a clinical and research based Specialist Shoulder Physiotherapist.

She is training as a Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapist and has completed her Professional Doctorate.  She has been working exclusively in the diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries for the past 25 years.  She lives in Melbourne, Australia where she leads the Melbourne Shoulder Group with Simon Balster.  The group consults at:

  • Melbourne Shoulder Group (9228-0911) and 
  • Melbourne Orthopaedic Group (9573-9670)
Simon Balster

Simon Balster is a Consultant Shoulder Physiotherapist. 

He has devoted the last 20 years of his professional life to clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of shoulder orthopedic and specific upper quadrant neurological conditions.  He consults at Melbourne Shoulder Group and Melbourne Orthopaedic Group working closely with Mr Greg Hoy, Mr Shane Barwood and Dr Lyn Watson. 

He and Dr Lyn Watson have created the Melbourne Shoulder Group with Ross Lenssen, Dr Sarah Warby and Kat Davis.  The Melb.Sh.Group have professional and research associations with Melbourne Orthopedic Group, Victoria House Medical Imaging, Latrobe University, Australia and Western University in Ontario Canada.  They are widely published and have been presenting their highly regarded Shoulder Orthopedic Physiotherapy Courses around Australia and Overseas (UK, Canada, France, Norway, USA) for the past 25 years.

Ross Lenssen

Ross Lenssen graduated from Auckland, New Zealand in 2008 and relocated to Melbourne to commence working with Lyn Watson since 2009. Ross commenced working with the special interest of managing neck and shoulder injuries. 

Ross works at Melbourne Shoulder Group (03 9228-0911) 

Sarah Warby

Sarah Warby graduated from La Trobe University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honors and completed her P.h.D in 2016. Sarah’s P.h.D revealed that a rehabilitation program focusing on scapula control (The Watson Program) significantly improved the outcomes of people with shoulder instability and she was awarded the 2016 Sports Medicine Australia ASICS medal for this research.  Sarah has been working with Lyn Watson and the Melbourne Shoulder Team since 2012 and has a keen interest in treating all types of shoulder problems.  As well as her clinical practice, Sarah is involved in research and sessional tutoring at La Trobe University.

Kat Davis

Kat graduated from Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland in 2013 after completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science.  She worked for a few years in Brisbane and then was asked to relocate to Melbourne by Lyn and Simon to join the Melbourne Shoulder Group.  Kat has been working with the Melb.Sh.Group for the last 3 years and has developed enhanced physiotherapy skills in the diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation of shoulder and shoulder girdle related pain and injuries and is currently training under leading shoulder physiotherapists in Melbourne to gain further knowledge and experience in her area of interest with her goal to specialise.