The Sporting Shoulder

Presented by
Lyn Watson, Simon Balster, Sarah Warby & Ross Lenssen
Shoulder Physiotherapists, Melbourne, Australia

Topics Covered:

The Hypermobile Athlete

  • Incidence, epidemiology & impact of GHJ hypermobility on the traumatic & micro-traumatic
    sporting population
  • How to assess for hypermobility & how does this impact on the rehabilitation & management of
    the sporting shoulder?

Rotator Cuff Overload in the Hypermobile Athlete

  • How dynamic instability leads to rotator cuff overload & how to differentiate this diagnosis
    from impingement
  • How this commonly presents in overhead athletes – Swimmers, Throwers, Rock climbers & Gym

Practical Session –

  • Dynamic stability of the shoulder assessment techniques
  • A structured progression of rehabilitation for the athletic shoulder
  • Demonstration of the Watson Rehabilitation Programme
    o This rehabilitation programme has been shown in a randomized controlled trial to create
    significant functional improvement in patients with shoulder instability

Traumatic Instability

  • Anterior Traumatic Instability – Management strategies including conservative & operative
  • Dilemma’s & problems commonly encountered –
    o Instability in the older age group dislocation
    o What to do with stiffness?
    o When is it safe to return to throwing?
  • Shoulder pathologies encountered and sometimes missed in the sporting shoulder (in particular
    Posterior Instability & SLAP lesions) assessment & management pathways

Posterior Capsule Tightness

  • How often does the posterior capsule really get stiff?

Practical Session

  • Assessment for posterior capsule tightness & how to pick the false positive
  • Posterior Instability Assessment
  • SLAP Assessment
  • Posterior Instability Rehabilitation

Advanced Assessment & Rehabilitation of The Shoulder

  • Strength Testing in the Clinic: Equipment, Screening/Baseline Assessment, Return to Sport
    Assessment, Adjustment of Strength & Conditioning aims, Load Management
  • Total Body Integration for whole body sporting performance
  • Advanced Rehabilitation – End Stage Rehabilitation & Proprioceptive Re-Training
  • Functional Sporting Rehabilitation that can be tailored for all sports

Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tears

  • Assessment & Management Strategies
  • Best Evidence Practice for Post-Operative Rehabilitation Programmes

Practical Session

  • Post Op Rehabilitation Programme for Rotator Cuff Repairs
  • Taping Techniques for the Shoulder

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