Melbourne Level 2 Advanced Shoulder Course 16th-17th November 2024

Melbourne Level 2 Advanced Shoulder Course

Level 2 Shoulder Course
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 16 - 17 Nov 2024
MelbShGroup 305 High Street, PRAHRAN VIC 3181 Prahran Victoria
AUD $770.00
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Lyn Watson’s Level 2 Shoulder Courses is a high level shoulder orthopaedic course that
specifically covers the following pathologies.

Observe Lyn assess real everyday patients

It also includes Lyn assessment and development of a management, treatment and rehabilitation
program for 3-4 shoulder orthopaedic patients, live, in front of the course. This enables course
participants to observe her approach to clinical assessment, clinical reasoning and the development of
a management pathway. There is then an open discussion regarding her assessment, clinical
reasoning and rationale for each patient after the assessment.

SpecificTopics Covered

Degenerative Rotator Cuff Pathology

  • Definition of sub-groups of Impingement
  • Degenerative vs Traumatic Rotator Cuff Pathology
  • Clinical Management Pathways for “sub-acromial” impingement
  • Surgical vs Conservative & Post Op Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation Choices & Progression for SA Impingement Patients
  • Practical session Theraband drills
  • Anterior Superior Rotator Cuff Pain – The Other Impingers
  • Differential diagnosis & management strategies
  • Subscapularis Tendon Pathology
  • Role of injection therapy, Practical session massage / mobilization skills
  • Rehabilitation strategies & time lines
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SpecificTopics Covered (cont’d)

The Hypermobile Shoulder with Rotator Cuff Overload

  • The incidence and relevance to your clinical practice
  • Typical presentations at different ages
  • How to juggle and balance rehabilitation of the rotator cuff on a hypermobile GHJoint
  • When a surgical consultation is needed and the surgery that can help
  • Rehabilitation post surgery
Recent Articles published by Lyn Watsons, Melbourne Shoulder Group

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Classification & Diagnosis of TOS
  • Differential Diagnosis (Cx, Tx, Scapula)
  • Provocation Testing
  • Treatment Strategies & Practical Rehabilitation Session & Taping
  • Integrating the Neck into Shoulder Girdle Rehabilitation
Recent Articles published by Lyn Watsons, Melbourne Shoulder Group

Posterior Instability

  • Clinical Presentation,
  • Assessment to differentiate Post.Instability from GIRD
  • Rehabilitation Program
  • Critique of Published Research
Recent Articles published by Lyn Watsons, Melbourne Shoulder Group

SpecificTopics Covered (cont’d)

SLAP Lesions

  • Research Published vs Clinical Presentation Reality
  • Sub-Grouping the presentation and assessment tools
  • Assessment, Conservative & Surgical Treatment options
Recent Articles published by Lyn Watsons, Melbourne Shoulder Group

Scapula Mechanics, Assessment and Rehabilitation Strategies (covered through-out the course for each pathology)

Recent Articles published by Lyn Watsons, Melbourne Shoulder Group

For each of these topics Lyn incorporates the relevant research and her clinical experience to cover;

  • Typical subjective and physical presentation
  • The spectrum of Pathomechanics that exist for these pathologies
  • Assessment, differentiation and clinical reasoning to sub group the pathologies
  • Development of a treatment or management strategy
  • Treatment:
    o Conservative rehabilitation; when, for how long, what’s a realistic recovery
    o Pre-op rehabilitation, intervention, surgery and
    o Post-op Rehabilitation
  • A Systematic approach to Rehabilitation through progression of:
    o Scapula contribution from assessment, correction, rehabilitation and integration into
    GHJ rehabilitation
    o GHJ movement control, endurance and strengthening
    o Sports specific rehabilitation.

This is a high level shoulder orthopaedic courses that will equip you with the clinical reasoning skills to
develop an assessment and treatment strategy for any shoulder patient that presents to your clinic.

Prerequisite: completion of Lyn’s Level 1 Shoulder Course

Shoulder Course Booking Policy

  1. We reserve the right to cancel a course without notice.
  2. If a course is cancelled you will be refunded only the registration cost in full.
  3. If you are unable to attend please cancel your registration. You may be subject to a cancellation fee, or forfeit your course fee entirely.
  4. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure you have a current & valid National Physiotherapy Registration
  5. All course participants should hold current Professional Physiotherapy Liability
  6. Insurance. (for the practical component of this course)

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